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Blues Jam Workshop

Sarah Jones

14 Dec 2022

With collaboration with Nineteen Eighty Studios we organized a Blues Jam Workshop

Over the weekend I organised a Blues Guitar Jamming workshop for my students! The purpose of this workshop was to not only improve their skills by playing live, but to also learn how to interact in a Blues Jam session.

The studio that I chose was Nineteen Eighty Studios. Every month they host an event called 'Strait Up Blues Jam' (SUBJ) where they invite people to come up and jam blues songs basically. A lot of us are very grateful that there is an organisation that is providing such an avenue for musicians; a lot of blues pubs were forced to close due to Covid so venues like these are precious.

My students are new to this idea of jamming so I thought a workshop would be a great way for them to learn the ins and outs of sitting in with a band and eventually working up the courage to join the monthly jam sessions.

We had a lot of fun, there was a setlist of Blues songs we tackled and it was a guided jam: The amazing rhythm section which consisted of Kalai on drums, Jonathan on Bass (they are part of Nineteen Eighty Studios) was there to jam with them and I gave pointers on how best to play and lead the band through the song.

Blues playing is not just about playing a minor pentatonic scale, you need to learn the repertoire and learn how to lead a band into the song as well as finish it. That defines you as a musician that people will want to jam with.

Enjoy the highlights video and if you are interested in joining the next Blues Workshop do drop me a text!

If you are interested in finding out more about the blues jam the links will be provided below.

For enquires on lessons to improve your guitar skills drop me a message!

Nineteen Eighty Studios


Organised by: Justin Low Bedhairguitarist - Singapore based guitar teaching services

Drummer: Kalai

Bass : Jonathan

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