Acoustic Guitar:

  • Learn basic chords C, G, D and how make to them sound good

  • How to hold the guitar properly, how to strum smoothly

  • How to change chords smoothly

  • Ways to practice guitar efficiently

  • Learn rhythm and strumming patterns

  • How to learn songs by listening

  • How to tackle barre chords

  • Live performance tips

- How to interact and work with singers/musicians

  • Improvisation with scales

- Using the minor/major pentatonic scales

  • Building of repertoire.

- How to have 5-8 songs ready to play

Learning to read notes

  • Fingerstyle

- Plucking styles and instrumental songs

  • Preparation for exams (grades 1-8)

-RGT or Rock school

  • Learn different styles (Pop, Blues, Jazz)


Electric Guitar:

  • Learn basic chords G, C, D and power chords and how to make them sound good

  • Holding the pick

  • Strumming patterns

  • How to learn songs effectively

  • How to learn rhythm guitar

  • Lead guitar basics

- Hammer-ons, Pull offs, bending etc

  • Improvisation

- With minor/major pentatonic scales etc.

  • Playing with a band

- With or trio or up situation

  • Advanced guitar techniques

- Chord tone soloing, playing with the changes, arppegios etc

  • Learn different playing styles (Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz)