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Frequently asked Questions

Do I need my own guitar?

Ans: Yes! A guitar is highly recommended so that you can practice regularly and make the improvements you need to see. I do provide guitars at my studio so you don’t have to bring yours.


If you need recommendations do check out this link on a guitar I always recommend to my students:


What is the difference between classical and acoustic? Do I need to learn how to play Classical guitar first before learning the acoustic and electric?

Ans: In today’s lingo, classical usually refers to either the style of classical      guitar where you play in the style of classical music like Bach, Mozart, Tarrega etc. Acoustic refers to the contemporary styles of pop, blues etc that you hear these days.


At the same time, a classical guitar is strung with nylon strings and has a different body shape. It can be used to play contemporary styles.

An acoustic guitar (also called Folk, steel string) is typically used to play contemporary music styles.


You don’t need to learn classical first to learn acoustic or electric, they are very different styles and not necessary to start off with first.


Where are lessons held at? 

Ans: Lessons will be held at my studio at 2 Jalan Rajah (Balestier rd). 


Do you travel to my place to conduct lessons?

Ans: Yes I do but it will be at an extra cost to factor in transportation and time.  I recommend coming to my studio as the environment is conducive for learning, and it will be easier to find a schedule that would work for both of us!

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