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Now Available for Guitar Lessons



Following his return from the USA as a graduate of the prestigious Musician's Institute in Hollywood California, Justin has been working as a professional musician and guitar instructor in Singapore for the past decade. 

Having decided to make music his full-time career, Justin went on to obtain an Associate Diploma in Electric Guitar from University of West London and embarked on a career which included teaching at various music schools and as a private guitar teacher.

Throughout the years, he has developed a uniquely proven syllabus to unlock the seemingly difficult task of learning the guitar. By being able to breakdown the process of learning songs and techniques, he has been able to teach hundreds of students to develop their potential on the guitar. 

Come join us in this journey.


Dwayne Miller

Very pleased with the results in a short period of time. He's a very knowledgeable and patient instructor and finds ways to get his knowledge across in layman's terms. I highly recommend his services to those who want to be a Saturday night jammer or above and beyond!

After only two lessons I was able to play simple songs, and after few months I am really enjoying playing hard songs, Justin really fulfill my old dream and I much appreciate this! Justin has a true talent of teaching and explaining things in a different ways, there is never such thing as to be stuck in the process or loose motivation. The main thing I will say is you really get the result and get it fast! Besides 
He is a lovely person !
I was lucky to find him and will definitely recommend to those who want to learn to play guitar. He is also great with kids, I can tell as my daughter plays now even better then me in only one moth time and she really fall in love with this instrument.

Shane Pereira

Super talent and great teacher, the BHG (BedHair Guitarist) will take into account your tastes in music, so he can craft the type of songs you end up learning to keep your practices enjoyable and relevant. He’s a miracle worker! But of course, if you don’t practice and do your homework, there’s only so much the BHG can do... even with his guitar superpowers.

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